Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<<

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Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<<

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Learn How To Make Your Own Authentic English Longbow With Cheaply Available Material…

Dear Longbow Enthusiast, I’m Sabrina Alam from Surrey, United Kingdom (Land of the English Longbow!) and am the founder of “The Bow Making Academy” an organisation I created with the aim to share the traditional craft of bow making with other bow-making enthusiasts! If your interested in the idea of making your very own longbow but don’t know where to start, you’ll definitely be glad to you came here because, with the help of my good friend, and Longbow making expert, Buddy (that’s Buddy in the photo above),

Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS course-CLICK HERE<<<

I’m About To Reveal How You Can Make Your 1st Longbow Easily & Cheaply! No previous Bow-Making Experience Necessary! You Must Read On!

Like most archery enthusiasts, you’re probably bored of shooting from factory-made bows and want to try your hand at making your OWN PERFECT longbow… something that is just right and made only for you.

Something you can take to the range and show-off to your friends, a bow specially hand-made by you!

You may remember being fascinated by the traditional English longbow after watching the movie Braveheart (starring Mel Gibson). What many people do not know is that the villain in the movie, King Edward the First of England, was a real person and the first king to order his subjects to practice archery.

Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<<

In those days, no other weapon of war could match the English Longbow in its long range destructive power.

Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALSCLICK HERE<<<

Till today, the English Longbow is still a finely crafted precision instrument that can shoot an arrow over 200 Yards and still strike its target with lethal force upon impact!

Yes 200Yards! That’s ONE and a HALF times the length of an American football field!

Little wonder the one-piece design of the English longbow has been praised as the finest in history!

I found that most archers were fascinated by the traditional English longbow but didn’t just want to buy one crafted professionally by someone else. They wanted the experience of making one themselves.

They wonder at what it would feel like to shoot an arrow from their very own handcrafted longbow….how if would feel to watch it whiz effortlessly through the air… They were fascinate to learn the details of how such a beautiful instrument could be crafted from a single piece of wood…what the science was behind it…the history….the heritage and ofcourse how all this could have been concieved more than 500 years ago!?

Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<<

With beginners enthusiasm running high longbow making can seem simple enough. After all, a longbow is only made from a single piece of wood bent into an arc…

You May Wonder How Hard Can It Be?

However after spending any number of hours reasearching the information and guidance out there you will soon know realise its its subtle complexity. There are a number of different Longbow designs, different Longbow processes, differing Longbow making methodologies documented, someone telling you to use this wood, someone telling not to use that wood, someone saying it takes months, someone doing it in a day!

Truth be told, there are so many ways you can make a longbow… and it can sometimes be difficult to know whose advice to follow. Some methods are longer and more complicated than the others, and just don’t produce the desirable results you want without years of experience behind you.

Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<<

Maybe you’ve tried to follow a couple of “longbow making” tutorials online… but gave up after a while due to unclear or conflicting instructions?

Maybe you’ve brought some DVDs but the method being explained was too hard to follow, sometimes the teacher was not very good and it would just cost too much to buy all the “power tools” they expect you to have before you get going.

Maybe you’ve considered going on residential courses, but get put off as they cost $$hundreds and that’s before you even considering travel, accommodation expenses and taking the time off work and leaving your family to do the trip!

Maybe you’ve wasted A LOT of time & money

After you start out, realising reading about making a longbow is very different from actually “doing” it. Perhaps you went out and bought some wood for your stave but don’t know if you’re shaping it correctly… Or maybe that unfinished stave from last summer is still lying around in your basement… waiting to be picked up and turned into a glorious Longbow!

Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<<

Those minor setbacks you run into can be extreamely frustrating and annoying! The problem that keeps you stuck is where do you go when you don’t know what to do next?

So Where are you going to get your questions answered?

After interacting with other fellow longbow making enthusiasts, I realized that they were seriously enthusiastic to make a longbow but frustrated and stuck searching for some proper longbow making instructions for years but all the while left asking the same perplexing Longbow Making questions …

  • How do I know if a piece of wood is suitable for making a longbow?
  • What if the wood has knots / protrusions can I still use it to make the longbow?
  • What are the exact dimensions / measurements I should use to make a good bow?
  • What are the basic tools needed?
  • Can I make a longbow without a bench or a vice at home?
  • How much should I “round the edge” of my bows by?
  • How do I bend the bow into shape without snapping it?
  • And so the the list went goes on….you get the idea….

Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<<

I realised that with no previous longbow making experience you just want some clear, simple and complete methodology that a beginner can follow easily and with little expense needed to be outlayed in tools, equipment and materials. But what many found is that it’s really difficult to just get that! For a beginner its hard to figure out one method from another, let alone know which method you should follow? That’s when I realised Longbow Enthusiasts were sarching for some clear guidance on how to peruse their dream of making their very own longbow easily and cheaply,

Some advice to stop you wasting time and money on mistakes & setbacks and some guidance to show you exactly how its done.

Advice from someone that could explain the Longbow making process from beginning to end, step by step, easily. Someone who could answer all those questions. Someone who was clear, simple and complete. Some one that could help you achieve your dream hand crafted Longbow, quickly, easily, and cheaply!

That’s when I started to look for someone just like that and to my pleasant surprise found the perfect Longbow making instructor- Buddy Watchman, a 15-year bow hunter, archery and bow-making enthusiast and passionate about longbows!

Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<<

He had a keen interest in helping people learn how to make a Longbow and truely believed you just have to passion, enthusiasm, a will to learn, to give it a go and enjoy the adventure.

If believed if he could do it- anyone could- it was just a matter of following a process.

Being a complete amateur, didn’t have a clue! I sat down and asked Buddy some of the most stupidest questions about longbow making!

I also showed him some of the traditional English designs that came up in my research. Buddy was so patient and thorough, Not only did Buddy answer all my questions, tweak his blueprints to suit a beginner starting out, Buddy wrote down and photographed the ENTIRE process from start to end to explain every detail! Buddy’s detailed instructions, explanations and photographs were amazing!

Want Your Very Own Longbow? >>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<<

He was so detailed, so through. He made it really easy.

He broke down the whole process into a really simple number of sequential lessons explaining and demonstrating the exact steps to take make a longbow easily, cheaply and stress-free!

He was such a professional when it comes to longbow making he even chopped down his own wood that came from the forest in his back yard – to show how to source and prepare fresh wood if your using that for your Longbow-how authentic is that!


Don’t worry! As I’ll show you in a while, it’s NOT NECESSARY to use your own wood (or have a forest in your backyard to make your own longbow!). Buddy shares both ways to obtain wood for your longbow, either by chopping your own or buying it. Its good to know both!


“Finally! Some Detailed Step-By-Step Longbow Making Tutorials! Eureka!”

Introducing “Make a Traditional Longbow Today!” The worlds first, complete, step-by-step Longbow Making Mentoring Program! No unproven stuff here. Demonstrated by Buddy, a 15-year bow veteran, the measurements and dimensions you get with this book have all been tried and tested! They work every time!

After Buddy helped me understand exactly how to go about making a Longbow I was so taken aback by his knowledge I wanted to share it with the world! I worked hard with Buddy to capture all his knowledge and skill in a number of step by step tutorials so I could easily share his craftsmanship and easy longbow making methodology with others.

This is the first Longbow Making Mentoring Program teaching you the “lost” art of longbow making… from start to end

We have managed to jam pack over 150 A4 pages with step by step tutorial after tutorial from Buddy, detailing every step of the Longbow Making Process- from beginning to end. No step left uncovered. Jam packed full of expert instruction, informative guidance, and insider tips and strategies to quench your thirst and desire to know exactly how to make a longbow! “Make a Traditional Longbow Today!” come complete with over 150 full colour photographs demonstrating each stage of the Longbow making process. Plus all the way through you get special tips and techniques that make it easy for you to construct your first longbow!

Using Buddy’s tried & tested formula so you can construct your very OWN longbow….from the comfort of your own home! Here’s All The Longbow Making Secrets that Buddy Reveals, and exactly what you will learn…

TUTORIAL 1: Wood For Your Longbow

  • How to choose the right kind of wood for your longbow (and the kinds of wood you should avoid no matter how cheaply they sell for!)
  • The undisputed “King of Wood” treasured for making longbows over the centuries… and the magical qualitythis wood has that turns your longbow into a masterpiece (If you find a stash of this wood, grab it!)
  • One “enthusiastic” but irreversible mistake most beginners commit when making their first longbow that leads to regret and money wasted later on (and what you should do instead)
  • One place you can buy wood for your longbow (You’ll be able to find almost every kind of wood here if you know how to ask!)
  • A widely available, inexpensive substitute for the “King of Wood” that you can buy for cheap to construct your longbow
  • How to obtain top quality, valuable wood such as black cherry for “pennies on the dollar”
  • 7 types of hardwood you can construct your longbow out of (You’ll be surprised at how cheap and durable these woods are if used correctly.)
  • One kind of wood you should avoid at all costs as it is too soft and splits easily

  • How to inspect the grain patterns in a piece of lumber to determine if it is suitable for constructing a longbow (I show you the exact grain patterns you should look out for.)
  • The #1 reason that causes a longbow to warp out of shape after it is built, and how you can avoid this problem
  • How to chop your own wood for making a longbow (If you have ready access to a forest, this could be a lot of fun!)
  • What size of trees are the best for constructing your longbow (HINT: You should look for trees between ___ to ___ inches in diameter.)
  • The main difference between using wood from a larger tree, as compared to that from a smaller tree
  • The best portion of a tree to use for constructing your longbow (Furniture makers often use wood from this part of the tree to make a piece of furniture seem more expensive & valuable than it really is!)
  • One thing to take note of if you’re chopping your own wood, and why it is important to remove all moisture from the wood (If you do not wish to wait 3 years for the wood to dry by itself, I teach you a technique to quickly get it ready for use.)
  • How you should store the wood you have just chopped
  • A shortcut method you can use immediately after chopping a log (This saves you the trouble of hauling the entire heavy log at once.)
  • And more!

TUTORIAL 2: Shaping The Stave


  • Why a drawknife is the secret weapon for longbow makers… and how I got mine for just $5 (This sells new for over $100.)
  • How to sharpen your drawknife without causing the blade to heat up and lose its strength (Make sure you don’t make this mistake!)
  • How to turn a cheap, used drawknife into a very sharp precision instrument using a commonly available tool(This turns a blunt drawknife into a very sharpcutting instrument… Use with caution!)
  • The first thing you should do with your stave (the piece of wood used to make your longbow)
  • What to do if the sapwood underneath the bark is NOT in good condition (Most beginners make the mistake of throwing out the entire piece of wood… you don’t have to!)
  • How to position your drawknife such that it provides the maximum slicing efficiency (Using this technique can help you shorten the time needed to shape the stave.)
  • How to measure the draw length and determine how long your arrows should be (Using these measurements, you’ll know the dimensions of your bow.)
  • One simple exercise you can do to quickly determine the length of your bow
  • Why it does NOT matter if your bow length is off by a few inches (In fact, you would want it to be purposely off by a few inches!)
  • How the stave should be cut (I teach you how to cut the stave by observing the grain patterns in the wood. If you cut your stave the wrong way, your bow willnot take advantage of the natural structure of the wood!)
  • One cheap household item you should use to assist you in constructing your bow (This helps to ensure that all your dimensions are right. HINT: It’s NOT a ruler!)
  • How a mind-trick developed by Michelangelo, the famous Renaissance sculptor, can help in the construction of your longbow (Use this mind-trick and the process instantly becomes effortless for you.)

  • Why you should NOT cut the stave to length immediately… despite what other bow-making guides may tell you (This is from my personal experience.)
  • Where you should position the handle of your bow
  • How long should your bow handle be and why you should NOT center the handle right in the middle of your bow (I give you the exact measurements for positioning your handle.)
  • How you can construct a simple gauge out of cardboard to aid you in removing any unwanted wood from your stave
  • How to avoid leaving unwanted marks on the surface of your bow while you are constructing it
  • How to construct “nocks” in your bow for the bow strings to fit snugly inside (I show you how to angle eachnock for maximum tension and range.)
  • Important markings you should make on the bow so you can curve and gently bend the bow later on (using your tillering tool)

TUTORIAL 3: How To Make Your Own Bow String


  • How to make your own bow string at home… instead of buying them from shops (This is an inexpensive process that gives you an endless supply of bow strings… in case yours breaks or snaps!)
  • How to construct a Flemish Jig needed to make your bow string (A Flemish Jig is a special board that allows you to quickly measure and cut your bow string threads to the right length. Think of it as an ancient machine!)
  • How to use your homemade Flemish Jig to make Flemish Twist bow strings
  • The 2 advantages Flemish Twist bow strings have over ordinary bow strings
  • My exact measurements and blueprint for making your own Flemish Jig measurement tool
  • How you can use ordinary sewing threadto make bow strings that are incredibly strong (And what you should take note of if you’re using this method.)
  • Step-by-step instructions for making a Flemish bow string of ANY length… according to the length of your bow
  • How to make a bow stringer to string your bow (Any archery supply store will sell a bow stringer, but I teach you how to construct one on your own!)
  • How to easily string your bow with a bow stringer
  • Why you should use a bow stringer when stringing your bow, instead of trying to bend the bow into position (Warning: NOT using a bow stringer can cause your new bow to snap!)
  • How to “service” your bowstring such that it fits securely into the nock meant for the string… and reduce wear and tear during normal usage

TUTORIAL 4: Tillering (Shaping) Your Bow

  • Why you should not attempt to shoot the bow immediately after constructing it (Instead, you should first tiller the bow.)
  • What “tillering” is and how bow-makers use this process to gently bend their bows into a gentle arch (Never attempt to do this by force!)
  • The right way you should tiller your newly-constructed bow so as to prevent it from cracking or snapping (The secret lies in knowing the right amount of pressure to apply.)
  • How to construct a tiller from a scrap piece of wood– A tiller is a wooden stand used by bow-makers to gently arch the bow into shape
  • How to use the tiller to shape the way your bow bends when it is drawn
  • How to use your homemade tiller to adjust the draw strengthof your bow (This is the amount of force you have to use to draw the bow back.)
  • What to do if your bow does not bend or arch smoothly (I show you a correct way to solve this instead of forcefully bending it more.)
  • One way to ensure the final draw weight of the bow is what you intended (During the tillering process, the draw weight of your bow may be altered. I show you how to take precise measurements to ensure that the draw weight is correct.)

TUTORIAL 5: Stringing Your Bow for Completion!

  • Nearly there! The last stage, step 5 of making your own Longbow is stringing up your Longbow so you can shot with it!
  • In this tutorial you will learn how to make a bow stringer to string your bow (Any archery supply store will sell a bow stringer, but I teach you how to construct one on your own!)
  • How to easily string your bow with a bow stringer
  • Why you should use a bow stringer when stringing your bow, instead of trying to bend the bow into position (Warning: NOT using a bow stringer can cause your new bow to snap!)
  • How to “service” your bowstring such that it fits securely into the nock meant for the string… and reduce wear and tear during normal usage



BONUS: TUTORIAL 6:Taking Your first shot!

  • After your excitement of lmaking your first Logbow you’ll be eger to take it out and shoot from it! Be warned!
  • Shooting from a Longbow is NOT the same as as shooting from other bows. It requires a totally different technique.
  • In this tutorial Buddy will show you exactly how to shot from your new Longbow How to shot from a Longbow for maximum impact so you don’t regret avoid damaging it irreversibly.

BONUS TUTORIAL 7: Applying the finishing touches!

  • After Longbow has been tillered and your happy with the way it shoots and bends you’ll want to apply the finishing touches to your longbow to make sure it looks good but also is protected as you want it to last for years.
  • In this tutorial Buddy will show you how to finish the surface of your longbow to make it nice and smooth
  • How you can stain your longbow to give the wood just the right appearance and color
  • One thing you MUST apply on the surface of your longbow to make it waterproof so your longbow lasts years!

BONUS TUTORIAL 8: Protecting Your Longbow!

  • Once you’ve applied the finishing touches you want to make sure you’re longbow is transported and stored properly.
  • No point in going through all that hard work only for your Longbow to be damaged in transit to the shooting range!!!
  • In this tutorial Buddy demonstrates how to make a waterproof, customized protective casing for your longbow using some EXTREAMLY CHEAP household materials (Don’t go out there and buy special protective cases for your longbows. Instead, follow my method and make a case for your longbow of ANY size!)

Here’s the longbow Buddy constructed from his tutorials!

And this is what our very first customer Bob Leek from California,USA emailed me just a few weeks after he downloaded the manual! (Just to prove Buddy’s tutorials totally work!)

Want to Experience the same Fun, Excitement & Success as Bob? Well You can!


So if you love the thought of owning your very own Longbow….you could just go and buy a Professionally made Longbow. But you know if you went right now and tried to buy a professionally hand made Longbow that would set you back mega bucks!

Ordinarily if you wanted to buy and own a decent longbow you’re looking to be set back by at least $500 at least

After having paid that you amount of money you’d expect your Longbow to be pretty perfect- right? Well imagine how you’d feel if you discovered your new “professionally” made longbow wasn’t perfect, it didn’t suit you! You know that sometimes happens? Sometimes the bow you buy might not suit you, your shooting style, then what? Your stuck with a $500 nightmare! A bow you cant even shoot with! Mega Disappointing!

I don’t want you to pay $500+ to have your own Longbow that you can take down to the shooting range. At least if you learnt the Longbow Making skill yourself you can make a longbow at will and keep tweaking it to perfection. Its a skill for life. A hobby that yas you become more skilled at, turn into a extra source of income. I mean you could be selling your Longbows for $500 a piece! So you want a Longbow and to want to learn to master Longbow Making?

You could go to a Special Longbow-Making workshop, where a teacher guides a group of you in his workshop, sure that sounds fun but would cost you $100′s or possibly even $1000′s!

You’ll also have to incur travel expenses and take time off work, sure in that workshop you’ll learn how to make a longbow but with their fancy workshop tools. Most likely by the time you’ve driven back to the airport, flown back home, forgotten everything you learnt!

You’ll never remember what you were taught to do let alone have the super dooper equipment they use at these workshops at home to try your hand at making another one you do get back! what a waste of money! You might as well have bought yourself a professionally made Longbow with that money!

The Internet Is Useless!

Of course you could waste an immense amount of time try to piece together information from the internet. Although there are some genuine people out there with their Longbow making instruction. With the best of intentions they are amateur at conveying their skill to others and you will find mostly instructions that are too brief or incomplete. Vital steps are missed out and half way through you’ll be left wondering- “what am I supposed to do now?”.

There is no tutorial series out there demonstrating how to make a Longbow that comes even close to being as complete or comprehensive as “Make A Traditional Longbow Today!”.


I know, because I’ve researched them ALL! The worst thing because is there are differences in Longbow making methodologies, if you start one method you really need the full details to complete it to the end using the same methodology or your stuck. Chopping and changing will not work. It will leave you with a unusable longbow, and a half-baked skill.

I want Longbow enthusiasts all around the world to have the opportunity to quench their desire to know how to make a Longbow properly. To have the opportunity to learn from someone that knows.To have the chance to indul ge in a little relaxation, start up a new fun project for the weekend-

Who doesn’t deserve a fun, interesting pastime to enjoy and unwind with after a hard weeks work!

I really wanted to share this with you in the most cost-effective way and so decided to learn how to make, thanks to modern technology, all the tutorials in “Make a Traditional Longbow Today!” available as an instant, electronic download- so you can access this exciting information right now from wherever you are in the world!

This means you can download this entire Step by step Longbow Making Manual to your computer-right now, read it within the next few hours and be up constructing your own longbow within the next week! No need to pay expensive shipping costs. And no more waiting weeks for you beautiful Longbow Making Manual to arrive in the mail!

Night or day, where ever you are in the world, Your Longbow Making Adventure is Available for you to get started on right now! You can do that with Buddy’s Complete Step-by-Step Tutorials!

No matter where you are in the world, night or day, you can access the exciting information, hint, tips and the entire step by step longbow making tutorials right now in just a few clicks!

I know when you see good quality advice, mentorship, expertise, instruction, and guidance when you know you are going to enjoy life long value and benefit from that skill that you can use over and over again throughout your lifetime, I know you’re happy to make a small one-off investment to experience lifetime joy, fun and fulfilment!

You can start your journey to more fun & joy right now by accessing all of Buddy’s Amazing Step-by Step Tutorial’s showing you exactly How to Make your very own Longbow.

You can start making an unlimited number of Longbows for fun or for profit right now by purchasing the exciting “Make A Traditional Longbow Today!” fully illustrated and step by step Tutorials not for £500 the ridiculous amount of money you’d pay to purchase a Longbow, not even for £200 the minimum cost of a live workshop but for the truely affordable, value packed investment of just £97!*

*WAIT! WE HAVE A SALE ON! For A LIMITED TIME ONLY! You Can Access Buddy’s Brilliant Tutorials for 60% off!

60% OFF SALE: Access Buddy’s Tutorials while Sales On For Just £97!£37! That’s less than what you’d expect to pay for some good quality wood! Tutorials will go back to full price when our special sale ends, don’t be upset if you miss out on this bargain and have to pay 60% more because you put off making this decision till later, you’ll kick yourself if you do!

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A No-Brainer for You to Attain…

  • Buddy’s Longbow making expert advice on hand at every step
  • Have upclose demonstrations and see what to do
  • Master a Lifelong Skill, easily using cheap wood and material and ordinary tools from the tool shed
  • Learn the skill to make an unlimited number of longbows for yourself, your friends, your family!
  • Hey you could even make some Longbows and sell them for a profit on ebay!
  • Think about it, fun, enjoyment, a new skill, and all your money back in just one Longbow sale!

All that for an awesome bargain…

  • 90% less than what a professionally handmade longbow would cost you!
  • 40% less than what the cheapest live longbow making workshop would cost you (97% less if you factor in having to take time off work, travel, food and accommodation expenses on top)!

And for what you could achieve if you got really good at Longbow making…

  • Maybe fulfil a dream to do work you love and turn your passion into a little money spinning side venture!
  • You’d could actually create a phenomenal 1350% Return on investment if you manage to sell one of your longbows for the average going price of £500! Sure it may take some practice, a bit of time but why not think big! Life’s too boring not to!

And you can access all this RIGHT NOW!

No waiting weeks for your Longbow Making Tutorials to arrive in the mail! No need to pay extra international shipping costs! No matter where you are in the world, night or day, you can access the exciting information, hint, tips, Buddy’s entire step by step longbow making tutorials right now in just a few clicks! Straight after checkout we will send you all Buddy’s Step by step Longbow Making Tutorials Digitally (via a secret link), so you can access all the tutorials from your computer-right now. Start mastering this exquisite skill in the next few minutes, and within the next few hours and be using it to construct your very own longbow made within the next week or two!



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To help You Make Your Longbow Really Easily, I’m Throwing-In SIX EXTRA USEFUL BONUSES Resources For FREE!



Because I know crafting a workable Longbow requires a little planning to make it go smoothly I’m throwing in 3 really super Cheat-Sheets. I spent a long time personally perfecting these cheat-sheets to make sure that they were easy and complete. The cheat-sheets allow you to prepare successfully for your Longbow making project we can help you absolutely minimize the opportunity for delays, set backs, oversight and mistakes:


Quick Progress 10 Step Action Plan

  • Life happens on the road to achieveing any task, Making your first Longbow will be no different. This is actually one of the beauties of longbow making. There are no time dependant steps so you can persue and pause the project at will depending on how you feel.
  • What often happens though is, with the best of intentions is often hard to get started again once you stop in the middle, as you lose direction, forget wher you are, undervaluve what you’ve achieved so far and lose sight of how close you are to the end most people never finish what they start.
  • With this Bonus Quick Progress Action Plan I’ve broken your Longbow Making Journey down into 10 managable action steps that I’ve listed for you to follow and use to keep on track.
  • Use the Action plan as you beging your journey to see clearly and plan some time in your schedual for each of the steps.
  • Use the action plan during your Longbow Making Project to tick off and celebrate progress towards your Hand made longbow dream.
  • Use the action plan after a break to quickly recall what you’ve achieved, and where to pick up again and whats left to do.
  • A simple but practical tool because life often gets in the way.


Essential Longbow Measurements

  • Before get going on making your own longbow, before doing anything else the first thing you need to do is be aware of what dimensions your Longbow will be.
  • There are 7 essential measuments you need to know, calculate before you get going.
  • This checklist lists out those 7 measurement & details how to take those measurements in a handy checklist that you can keep besides you as you are make your longbow. Helping you avoiding going through the entire process only to produce a Longbow that doesn’t suit you.
  • This sheet sheet makes sure you keep on track to making your perfect Longbow just for you.


Essential Tools & Materials

  • There is nothing more frustrating than getting going on a project with excitement and enthusiasm and then realizing at the very next step that you don’t have the adequate materials or tools to keep going. As you wait for the mail order tool to arrive days and weeks pass and soon your dream Longbow becomes a distant fantasy and just another half started (but unfinished) project in the garden shed.
  • Instead use this Bonus Cheatsheet to to make sure you have everything you need BEFORE you get going. This cheat sheet list out EVERY tool, EVERY item, EVERY material you need at EVERY stage of making your Longbow using Buddy’s System.

I have broken the list down into each stage so you can easily see what you’ll be needing at which stage before you get going allowing you to borrow, buy tick off what you already have in way of materials and plan for Longbow success efficiently.

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Because I know you’ll be eger to get started straight away to make it really easy to start constructing your first Longbow FAST I’m going to through in 3 especially designed FASTSTART TEMPLATES.

  • These templates have been pre-measured and designed especially by a techniqal engineer.
  • We have layed the templates out in A4 paper size, converted the templates into PDF
  • so you can just hit the print button on your computer and use the templates to constructs 3 essential tools needed to make your Longbow with easily without having to mess around with measuring.

Here’s the 3 Bonus Fast-Start Templates you’ll get full unlimited use of if you buy today:

TEMPLATE 1: Measuring Guage

  • Using a Measuring guage is essential during the first stages when your carving your longbow into shape.
  • The Guage keeps you on track on the width and depth of your final Longbow.
  • No more crying because to overdid it with the drawknife!

TEMPLATE 2: Flemish Jig

  • A Flemish Jig is essential for making your bow string with.
  • Making and using a Flemish jig is easy, measuring up a Flemish jig takes time.
  • Cut it all out with this template pre-measured.
  • You just have to print and draw around it to make your very own easily.

TEMPLATE 3: Tiller

  • A Tiller is essential in the forth stage of Longbow making.
  • It is used to help the fibers in the wood of your Longbow breakdown so your Longbow will bend into an arc and have flexibility for shooting perfectly.
  • Avoid messing up this vital part of the longbow making process by using this template.

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