Confused About How To Make A Longbow? What to Learn?

Thought about making your own Longbow but never gone for it?

Stop missing out on all the fun! A simple Longbow Design is a Great place To Start!


STEP 1: Source Suitable Wood For Your Longbow!



Apologies about the low resolution on the video! I spent all night converting it and uploading it so I could get it out to you, only to find once i’d posted it i forgot to change one of the settings to make it high quality! Sorry! I thought its was more important to get it to you at this stage so i’ve left it up here while i figure out how to change the settings & re-upload! Any Way….

I hope You Enjoyed This Tutorial!

& Learnt Loads!

Buddy creted this video exlusively for me to demonstrate step by step how to make a traditional English Longbow I wanted to Share because I think he did such a great job, I’ve learnt loads from him- he’s really Brilliant a hidden talent!

If your Interested in Learning More from Buddy what else you need to do if you want to make your very own Longbow including- if you dont happen to have a forest in your back yard, Buddy explains where to go for some cheap great quality wood, what woods are suitable and which to avoid, what to ask for, how to use the drwanknife for maximum effect, how to carve the Longbow into shape first time, How to make a your Bow sting in a way that most practical for your Longbow, how to shape your Longbow into an arc by tillering correctly, and….. oooohhh you get the picture….he explains everything!!!

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