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Dear Longbow Making Enthusiast,
Like you i was intregued to learn the secrets of how to make a longbow. A bow enthusiast for 15 years I wanted to try my hand at making my very own bow and what better place to start than to make a traditional English Longbow.

The English Longbow had fasinated me for a long time and i was really eger to give it a go…but as with learning anything new i had a lot of questions i needed answering before i could even think of getting started…

“how hard is it to make a longbow?”
“wat are the steps involved?”
“could I make one with no previous experience?”
“how much would it cost me to make one?”
“wat equipment would I need?”
“where do I buy the equipment from?”
“how long does it take to make one?”
“could I actually shoot from it!?”
“wat wood should make my longbow with?”
“wat size wood do I need to buy from the lumberstore to start with?”
“wat if I want to source my own wood- how do I do that?”
“how do I prepare that wood so I can make a longbow from it?”
“Wat tool/s do I use to shape the wood with?”
“How exactly do I start shaping the wood into a longbow?”
“wat are the dimentions for the longbow?”
“how long should my longbow be?”
“where does the handle go?”
“where does the bowstring go?”
“how do u get the wood to bend into a bow shape?”
“wat exactly is tillering?”
“where will I get a tiller from?”
“how long do I need to tiller the wood for?”
“how will I know I’ve tillered enough?”
“where can I get bowstring from?”
“Are all bowstrings the same?”
“How can do I make my own bowstring?”
“how do I string the bow?”
“now how do I shoot from this thing!”

After searching long and hard on the web for adequete instructions
on this art i ended up more confused and frustrated at the incomplete instructions, tutorials out there. Some were just too hard to follow for a beginner like me. They required expensive power tools, complicated processes, gluing, sticking,there was no way i had the skills for that- let alone afford to invest in all that fancy equipment!

After much hours, days, weeks of deliberation i managed to piece together for myself a rough insight into what i needed to do to get started. Frustrated by the lack of complete information out there on how to make a longbow for beginners i decided to document my lonbow making journey in the hope to compile it into a comprehensive guide for other people like me who wanted to learn, find some detailed longbow Making instructions so you could thoughrly understand the process, the steps involved. Enough detail to have all your longbow making questions answered, in the hope that it will provide you with enough confidence, know=how and inspiration to give it a go and make one of your own.

I decided for my first Longbow to make a Self-bow. This is a longbow made of one peice of wood rather than laminating 2 bits of wood together. It is easier for a beginner to get started with. This is what my guide will help you to make learn how to make too.

I’ve put together a guide with 12 lessons that will take you through the
entire longbow making process step by step. With photos to show you aong the way the techniques and written instructions detailing all the steps.

Once inside the guide you’ll learn…

  • How I sources free wood for my Longbow
  • How I uses my $5 tool From a Garage sale to make my Longbow
  • what wood to use instead of expensive Yew

And that’s just for starters!

“Interested in Making Your Very Own Longbow?

Dear Friend,

I know your time is valuable, so i’ll get right to the point.  I need your advice


I’m putting together the finishing touches on a new ebook and video called “How To Make A LongBow” and I want to make sure that I don’t leave anything out.

So, will you let me know your biggest questions about how to make a long bow. It could be anything…..even if you think it’s silly.

All you have to do is type your question in the box below and click submit.  In exchange for your advice, if you also leave your name and email address, i’ll send you a free copy of the ebook and video before we release it to the market…. (Should be ready in a few weeks).



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“What is your biggest questions about how to make a longbow?”