Get Tutorial 1: How to Pick the Right Wood for Your Longbow

Have You…

  • Always wanted to make your own longbow but don’t know where to start?
  • found a couple of “longbow making” tutorials online… but gave up after a while due to poor instructions?
  • Considered going on a Longbow Making course but put off by high costs
  • Gone out, bought some wood for your stave but now stuck

Stuck With Questions Like…

  • Am I shaping this correctly?
  • How do I know if a piece of wood is suitable for making a longbow?
  • What if the wood has knots can I still use it to make my longbow with?
  • What measurements  should use to make a good Longbow with?
  • What are the basic tools I needed?
  • Can I make a longbow without a bench or a vice at home?
  • How do I bend the bow into shape without snapping it?

If These Are The Questions On Your Mind Your In The Right Place!

  • Bow-Making Academy is about to help guide you
  • To make your 1st Longbow
  • Easily
  • Cheaply
  • Even if you have no previous longbow-making experience!

Once inside you’ll learn…

  • How our Longbow making Expert Buddy sources FREE wood for his Longbow
  • Uses a $5 tool From a Garage sale to make his Longbow with
  • What wood to use instead of expensive Yew when your just starting out

And that’s just for starters!



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No unproven stuff here! Demonstrated by Buddy, a 15-year bow veteran, the measurements and dimensions you get with this Instruction Manual have all been tried and tested! They work every time!

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To Your Longbow Making Success!

Buddy Watchman – Author of “How To Make A Longbow”


Sabrina Alam – Managing Director of Longbow Making Academy for which “How to Make A Longbow” was commissioned.